February 26th, 2009


Battle in The Kitchen

Jared Axelrod at New York Comic Con
(He eats the hearts of Dragons)

I never thought I'd be too tired to POST A PHOTO ON THE INTERNET but after last night, cooking five dishes in 60 minutes and then eating said dishes, I was.

I did TAKE pictures, but after doing so, and eating what I had shot, there was a lot of rolling about on the floor and slowly falling asleep.

All of this was done in preparation for Saturday, when Jared Axelrod (my husband, pictured above) and I are going to be competing in an Iron Chef style friendly competition between friends.

Last night, our dear friends, Jenn and Russell came by our house with a paper bag full of a mystery food. All day we wondered what they might bring, but nothing could have prepared us for. . . ZUCCHINI! (actually, I think we were pretty well prepared for it, but nevermind.)

We set the timer for 60 minutes and started chopping. Mostly, cooking seems to be (and this is of course, from the Sous (or assistant) perspective, quite a lot of chopping. I chopped a variety of things last night: apples, onions, carrots, celery, onions, garlic. . .onions. Jenn and Russell helped out in the kitchen, also Sousing, which is not something we will have come Saturday, but is good practice, none the less.

While Jared was quick to point out that we did not use EVERY dish in the house, he did concede that we used a majority of our kitchen impliments. We used all of our large bowls, every large pot, all of the cutting boards(we have three), and a great majority of the bowls, cocktail glasses, knives and spoons. Things were braised, boiled, diced, sliced, mandolined (NOT A WORD), sauteed, processed, blended, mashed, minced, microwaved, baked, buttered and fried. Stir fried.

Four pounds of fresh whole Zucchini were turned into four savory dishes and one sweet dish. They were all delicious.

So, that was last night: Mystery, adventure, friends!

Things really do seem to get better and better for me.