February 24th, 2009


New York Comic Con: Mike and Jerry

Mike and Jerry at New York Comic Con

Mike and Jerry (Alternatively known as Gabe and Tycho), creators of Penny Arcade at New York Comic Con.

Jared and I waited in line to get into their panel, and even after they told us the room was full to capacity, I stood outside, hoping to get in when someone else left. Eventually, enough people left that we could get inside, and Jared and I scooched up to the front, near the stage.

After a panel I asked if I could take their picture, and they very kindly allowed me to do so.

"Wow. You don't waste any time, do you?" said Mike as I slid on to the floor at his feet, pointing my camera upwards.

The truth is, no one has pegged my personality so quickly. I really do my best not to waste any time.

I always have to debate to myself if I should bring my camera to an event. On one hand, it's heavy, and at crowded events, no matter what great bag I have, or how protective I am, the camera gets knocked around, which is not something I want to do to my most prized possession. Still, it's worth it, for moments like this.

These men are gracious, friendly, and kind to wandering photographers. If I were to ever to have the following that Mike and Jerry have, I would hope I would have the grace to act like them.