February 10th, 2009



In my attempt to to see how I've changed in the past five years, I've been looking at Daniel. Daniel is one of my best models and has worked with me pretty much since I started taking photos, putting up with my demands and being willing to make artistic leaps of faith. He has posed for me since July 18th, 2004, when we took this shot.


It's a little out of his own personal style, but he was willing to work with me and give me a shot and I appreciate his leap of faith.

Kathy is also in this photo, lurking behind Daniel. She used to pose for me a lot. Now she's in CA, so that's not really possible anymore. Sometimes these photos make me nostalgic.

My models come and go, move away and come back again. One thing about Daniel is that I have been taking photos of him for a long time, and I can watch my own style develop just through the photos I've taken of him.

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