February 3rd, 2009



Next weekend, I'm going to be speaking and showing art at Farpoint!

When Farpoint Podcasting organizer, Steve Wilson, invited me to attend Farpoint this year, I knew that I wanted to be in the art show, and I knew that I wanted to do something special for the show. So often, at Conventions, certain people just never go in to see the Art Show, walking right by some excellent art. I wanted to do something special, within the rest of the convention, to draw people into the art show who might not normally attend.

Working with their wonderful co-chair, Cindy Woods, and with the approval of the Farpoint committee, I'm going to be trying something new for the show. It's an experiment, sure, but it's one I'm grateful that the organizers are letting me run. I'm going to take a series of photographs, part of the narrative from Blood and Sand, and I'm going to arrange them in a set of 10 photographs on display at the art show. Miniatures of these photographs are going to spread throughout the whole convention - with dealers, on panels, in the bathrooms, on the floor, in the con suite. The first person to collect all 10 of the miniatures will get a free print.

It's a story and a game and interactive art. I am so thrilled that Farpoint is letting me do this. If this works out, I hope to run something even bigger at Balticon, if they'll let me.

Tribal Shadow
(This will be one of the peices on sale at Farpoint - I'm hoping to fade the frame next to the sunspot, so it looks like it's been blanched by the sun.)

Blood and Sand is a special series to me because so many of my closest friends were involved in it's production. I've ordered special frames for the prints, frames I'm going to alter when they arrive. I want to make each frame unique, and to reflect something of the photo inside. As the story progresses, the frames will get altered more and more, until the last frame is burned and bloodied. Since I do photographs, I feel like many people regard them as not as unique as other forms, so altering the frames is a way to make them more unique, to integrate the entire presentation into the story.

The other element I'm going to do to make each piece unique is to hand write pieces of the story of Blood and Sand on the back of each of the large prints, making each piece totally unique , and in a way, private - being on the back means it will be visible to the owner, but no one else. A private story, the words behind the image.

Farpoint: February 13, 14, 15
Art Show: http://www.farpointcon.com/artshow.php