December 24th, 2008


Mr. Blackwell

You know what never gets old? And I mean this with all sincerity and with joy in my heart - knowing that no matter how many self portraits I put up, J.R. Blackwell will always come with some degree of gender confusion. I facilitate that confusion to some degree - my name and my photos reveal very little to those who don't already know me in the meat and blood.

I never get tired of knowing that to some people, I'll always be a real boy. It's kind of awesome, being a woman and a man at the same time. There's something free about knowing that people assume different things depending on if they think my photos are self portraits, or photos of my wife, or if they've just read my work and assume I'm male or female based on how I write. There is something fun about someone shaking Jared's hand, assuming he is J.R. Blackwell, or someone writing Sir or Mr when they write me a letter. It's nice to have such a flexible identity.

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