December 19th, 2008


365 Days, The Book

I'm currently working on my 365 Days Book, which I plan to get out in January. The layout is finished, it's just a matter of doing some editing before it goes live. I was reminded recently that some people may believe that all of my photos from my project have been sold. I can understand why one might think that, because so many of the first ones went so fast, and the last two sold fairly fast as well.

However, there are still photos available!

The cheapest photo available is Day 25: The Brothers. It's available for 25$ here:

Day Twenty Five: Two Brothers

To be fair, I can totally understand why someone might not want to hang this in their dining room. I like it though, and I think that more photos based off of Shakespeare plays might be in my future.

The most expensive photo still available is Day 363: Forbidden. It's available for 363$ here:

Day 363: Forbidden

I love this photo. I think I'm going to go shoot at this location again this Sunday.

I made a little FAQ, just in case you added me halfway through this project and you aren't really sure exactly what the heck I'm talking about. So here it is, below the cut, where it won't bother people who already know what I'm talking about.

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