November 24th, 2008


Sweet Barking Cheese?

Often, when people meet me at conventions, after following my photos for a while, they remark that I don't look at lot like I do in my photos. This is, I have to admit, totally and completely and without any doubt, on purpose. I like to transform myself when I take photos, to become a different character. So if I don't look like me when I'm in a photo, I feel I've done my job.

I believe that too often, people get stuck inside of one image of themselves or others. We get caught in our own steroytyping of ourselves or others and we cannot see the full range of what a person is, or could be. My favorite thing to do is to take a model and try to make them look drastically different from how they are usually perceived.

Day Seventeen: The Little Death
I enjoy transforming myself, seeing what other shapes I can fit into. I love to do this with models as well, and I have been fortunate enough to have kind and forgiving models who work with me again and again to achieve this goal.

Day 263: Unspoken
However, I am a tremendous admirer of those photographers who are able to capture events as they really are - as they eye would see them if you were there, to show people, their personalities, their faces, exactly as you would see them in person. The photographer that can do this, and do this without hours of set up with lights and equipment, is a genius.

Day 221: Half Blood
Kyle Cassidy is just such a genius. This weekend, Jared and I had the pleasure of accompanying him of part of the incredible adventure that he had this weekend, and I can attest to the fact that what you see on his journal, is exactly how it was. I have never seen a photo of myself that seems to me to be exactly and perfectly how I look when I see myself in the mirror, and in a few moments, Kyle Cassidy took that photo - and not just that, but he somehow also managed to capture the connection between Jared and I in his image as well. That's what we look like, every day. That's how I see myself, how I see Jared, how I see us. It's incredible to see something like that.

After taking our photo, he introduced us to Michael Swanwick and his sweet wife Maryanne who together gave this fantastic reading, after which Michael Swanwick gave another reading of the first chapter of his unpublished book - he signed a few copies and gave them out and you better believe that Jared and I grabbed one. I was so inspired by his reading that I sat down in the hallway and wrote about a thousand words of a story that has been bumping around in my head for a while but didn't have the proper lube to work it's way out.

Then Jared and I met up with a filmmaker friend, Chris, and we made each other laugh for years and we talked about ice cream and freak shows and homeschooling and what it's like to be a child genius who travels around the world playing the violin.

On Sunday I was on a lovely panel about blogs with a bunch of people who are very funny who have been friends for years. They thought I was funny and laughed at all of my terrible jokes, which is always an excellent feeling.

That evening, we got to go to Michael and Maryanne Swanwicks extraordinary house of wonders for a lovely party with very generous hosts. At this party, I got to meet Tom Purdom who is may be the nicest man in science fiction. He gave me his badge, as a gift to "a young author" which I wore for hours that night. (Apparently, at science fiction conventions, people used to trade badges at the end of the convention, attempting to "trade up". ) It is now sitting on my mantle in a place of honor. I got to hear stories about Issac Asimov from people who have met him and from a lady whose ass he once touched at an awards ceremony. I got to hear the most incredible place to have sex, which was told to me in confidence, so I cannot repeat it, but I shall say it is awesome and involves parades. Also, I got to see Hugo's up close (yes, multiple Hugos!) and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be.

For photos, and a less fangirlish description of events, as well as a photo of me that really, honest to god, looks like me, go here: