November 19th, 2008

The Black

Blood and Sand: Part Three

Blood and Sand

When I look at this photo, I'm drawn to two things, Steve's hand and Natalie's face. Steve's hand on the small tree trunk, because of the slatted light through his fingers, and the shadows that makes on his palm.

Natalie's face because of the gold frame around it, the light coming though her hair, as whisps of it float around her face, and her expression, as sweet as the peita maria, which is one piece of art that there is no shame in imitating, because if you're going to imitate anyone, you should imitate a master. I don't know what Natalie is thinking there, but she is so fully and completely in character, holding the head of a man she just met an hour ago, but so present in this moment, that you would believe she is looking at someone she's known for ages.

I feel so lucky to have such lovely friends.

Models: Natalie and Steve