November 14th, 2008


Blood and Sand: Part One

Tribal Shadow

The marks on their necks, faces and hands differentiated them, burned in by needles, these marks told the story of who they were, and who they could become.

But that was about to change.

The Shoot:

On October 7th, 4 days before my wedding, I completed my biggest group photo project to date. I did this on the sand dunes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I did everything with this shoot that I wanted to do. I got fantastic models to dress in a wonderful fashion, and together we told a story about a Tribe, or perhaps two Tribes, who live in the wilderness.

We named many of the characters as we took the photos and in my mind, I feel like I know this story well, and yet, I think that the photos also leave some of the story up for interpretation.

What I love to do, above all else, is to tell a story with my photos, and yet leave part of the photo up for the viewer to decide the meaning of. This story is about betrayal, mysticism, hatred, secrets, lies, violence, love and hope. The details of who betrayed who, of the secret these people kept, that' s up to you. At least, for now. I can't promise I won't fill out the story that's growing in my head about these people. I may turn this into a book, photos and snippets of a story, where the reader fills in some of the story on their own.

I am very grateful to all of my wonderful models, and that I live in a country that has such wonderful parks that I can shoot in.


Creative Direction by Jared Axelrod

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