November 10th, 2008


Day 364: Cast and Crew

Day 364: Cast and Crew
Day 364: Cast and Crew

Photo: SOLD! Thanks Cmar and Laura!

The inspiration for this shoot was to do a photo that looked like it was a promotional shot from a TV show that doesn't exist.

The show is about monster hunters (I mean, obviously). Sort of a Buffy type show, but less high school, and very serious about monster hunting. Jared pointed out to me that it seems to have an anime ascetic, and I think he's right.

In the back, we have our resident witch, followed by the Man in Blue, the swordsman, and our main character, who never takes off that red ribbon. Maybe her head would fall off if she did. Or maybe she's hiding something. Or maybe she just likes her ribbon. We'd have to watch the show to find out, and it will never be on.

Jared Axelrod and Jennifer Rodgers supported me though my 365days project. Day after day, Jared provided me with loving support, inspiration and a joy for life. Without him, I could not have pushed myself the way I did. I am so greatful.

Jennifer Rodgers singlehandedly saved Day 300, and gave me lots and lots of technical assistance and ideas for projects that would expand my knowledge. Her expertise and encouragement was invaluable.

Thank you both.

Models: Me, Jennifer Rodgers, Jared Axelrod

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Day 365: Dawn

Day 365: Dawn
Photo: SOLD! Thank you, Alex!

I'm finally finished with my 365days project!

Thank you to those who appeared in my photos with me, who were, in order of appearance, left to right:
Dan (who didn't mind pretending to be an Angel in my weird photographic madhouse), Brendan (for the Irish Christmas pirates and the photographic Shakespeare,), Jared (who appeared in the most photos with me), Panda, The cast of the Last Podcaster Gathering (Paul, Martha, Heather, Thomas, Steve, Tee, Jared, Laura, Cmar, Marc), Holly, Rahel, J.C. Hutchins (for being in my showdown with finger pistols), Jenn, Katie, Jack, and Natalie. You all made my project better that you were there. When I was tired of looking at myself, it was a joy to look at you.

Thank you to everyone who bought a photo and supported me along this journey. Your support let me take the time to work on this project seriously, and to devote my time to improving my skills. Doing this lead to other projects, and the experience of taking photos of happy couples, shining people, astounding groups, bouncing babies and a wonderful wedding.

Thank you to Steve Walker for the use of his bed, Jennifer Rodgers for her hallway, Paul and Martha for the use of their bed and Jon Hatch for the use of his library.

Thank you to Andrea, who was willing to make my hair pink in trade for a fun photoshoot.

Thank you to Alex and Jamie, who inspired each inspired a photo with their own creative minds.

Thank you to Tee Morris, who saw my project and believed in it and me enough to trust me to make the covers for two of his wonderful books.

Thank you to my photographic inspirations, Sohma Dawling, Katie West, Rae Winters and, most especially, Jack Scoresby, whose own 365days photographic journey inspired my own. Thank you for making me a part of your days, I'm glad that you became a part of mine. Thank you for bringing me your inspiring photos, your support, and, of course, Katie West. It is a good thing to find an artist that you admire. It is a great thing to gain a friend. I am forever indebted.

This project was taken in the 365days since I decided to quit my job and go freelance. I ended up working in a wonderful part time job, and now I make the same amount of money working part time and having time to do what I love, as I did working full time, and having less time for what really makes me happy. Thank all of you who supported me in making that dream a reality.

Thank you to Jennifer Rodgers, for just about everything in the world. Thank you for the idea of doing color studies, for the encouragement early on and the one on one photoshop help again and again that I would never, ever have been able to create the second half of my project without. Thank you for saving Day 300, which I wanted to be special but wouldn't have been without you. You are an Art Superhero.

But most of all, thank you to Jared Axelrod, for supporting me. Thank you for being nice to me when I was cranky about crappy photos and malfunctioning equipment, for giving me inspiration when I needed it and space when I didn't. Thank you for being in my photos, and making them all the warmer for you being there. Thank you for the ray guns, the shoggoth, the handmade props and the smiley face on my middle finger. Thank you for never saying no, or telling me I can't, or putting me down. Thank you for holding me and for being there for me, and encouraging me. Thank you for the art direction, the props, and the love.

And thank you, for following me on this project, for watching the progress. Thank you to those who commented and your words of support. Thank you.

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