November 6th, 2008


Day 358: Affection

Day 358: Affection

Photo: Available

This is one of my favorite shoots from my project. It's certainly in the top ten. I like my fluffy pink dress, the little flowers in the corner, using bright light as I use shadow, and, of course, the use of Jared's wonderful Shoggoth prop.

Oh, what a lovely tea party!

Coming in on the close in the next few days. I feel as if I should do something grand, but I don't yet know what. When I have ideas for photos, they seem to come in two forms - highly detailed ideas of a specific picture (the above is such an example) or just notions. Right now, I'm full of notions.

Here is a sample:

Hanging off a mountain
Giant Chair?
Holding Ballons
Jennifer Rodgers and Jared Axelrod (With throne? Where can I find a throne?)
Under that bridge I like

I am looking forward to taking photos of other people more than ever.