November 3rd, 2008


Day 351 and Day 352

Day 352: Paint By Numbers

Photo: Available

I'm behind on posting the photos here, but I've only 9 days left to go in my 365days project. As great an experience as this has been, I am looking forward to being finished with the project, and moving on to other things, getting my podcast back on a regular schedule, working on my website and writing a hell of a lot more. Jared is currently writing a story every day this month, and when this project is over, I plan to join him and get ahead on my 365 Tomorrows stories.

Not to mention that I'm excited to turn my photography energy away from myself and towards other people. This project has really made me appreciate how much I love taking photographs of other people. I'm looking forward to doing a lot more of that in the future.

Day 351: Bronze

Photo: Available