October 30th, 2008


Day 350: Paragon

Day 350: Paragon
Day 350: Paragon

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The Three Major Methods of Planetary Conquest:

1. Military
2. Cultural
3. Financial

Underneath these methods, there are further subdivisions. It is unwise to consider one method to be more effective than another. It often depends on the situation of the conqueror, the target planet, and the desired outcome. In order to strip a planet of it's natural resources without resistance by sentient inhabitants, a Scorched Earth method (wiping out all life through the use of energy weapons) may be appropriate - but to subdue a planets population for the purpose of selective breeding, other methods must be used. Population, Resources, Culture and Goals of conquest must all be considered before deciding on the correct plan.

The first step to deciding on the correct plan is to understand your own goals for conquest.

The second step is proper reconnaissance.
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