October 2nd, 2008


Photo Sale: Alternates from the 365 Days Collection!

Today I'm putting the alternate photos from my 365 Days Project on Sale!

Better Angels
Better Angels

From the Day Two Shoot: Better Angels

What are the Alternate Photos, you wonder? Well, let me fill you in! For the past 325 Days I have been taking self portraits daily. (As you are reading this journal, you probably already know that.) Usually, each day, I would take 50- 100 photos in order to get just the right photo for my project. Sometimes, I had several photos that I liked, and I had to choose my favorite for my photo of the day. Sometimes people actually told me that they liked my alternate photos better! (There is no accounting for taste.) So now, as I near the end of my 365Days project, I want to make these Alternates available for sale.

This Alternate Photo Sale could be just the chance for someone who likes my photos - but for whom my project has become a bit too expensive for their budget. I know that a bunch of my early photos went very fast, and some people who wanted a particular photo were not able to snatch it up.

I want to make this clear: I am never going to change the price of the photos in my 365Days project. With the last photo being sold for over 300$, I feel it would be unfair to the people who invested in them to make that change. The 365 Days photos in my project will remain on sale for the price of the day they were taken and I will never sell more than one print of that photo.

Each of my "alternate" photos are on sale for 20 each and will be printed as 8X12 unless otherwise noted. Today I'm posting the alternates from Day One to Day Fifty. Not every day has an alternate, so under the cut there are 21 alternate photos selected from Day One to Day Fifty. Tomorrow - Day 50 to Day 100!


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