September 26th, 2008


Day 311 to Day 313

Day 313: Never Let Go Of Your Hand
Day 313: Never Let Go Of Your Hand

Photo: Sold! Thanks Brian!

Whenever I am feeling uninspired, it is my partner in crime who comes to my rescue. He does not ride a white horse, but he is still heroic in his ability to pull my mind from the dumps and provide me with materials with which to experiment. Which is, I have to say, the best thing about him. He does not tell me what to do, but rather provides me with materials and thoughts that inspire me forward. It is better help than any direct instruction, because it helps me to reach my own vision.

For three days I played with blue LEDs, attaching them into my hair, to a sword, and generally having fun with them in my studio. I am pleased with the result. Every day seems to me to give evidence that my partner in crime is the right man for me. On some days, this is subtle - we spend a few reading Sherlock Holmes and drinking tea in bed with complete satisfaction, and on other days, the evidence has a boldness which isn't proper to share in polite company.

I am resolved to catch up in my posts, and to bring this journal more in sync with my daily photo taking - by the end of this project, I want the countdown to be evident here - with no mistake as to the day I'm on. I am swiftly approaching many finish lines, my friends, and I would like to reach them in my own way.

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