September 10th, 2008


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Day 290: That Curl
Day 290: That Curl

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We don't watch TV anymore, but we do watch television shows. By this I mean that our television, which once held a place of honor in the living room, has been sent to live in the basement of our house and gather dust. It has been replaced with a library. When you walk into our house, the first thing you see is books, and then, turning to your left, you will see a room of only bookshelves. Books line every wall in this room. It makes me happy to have a library, to see all of our books in one room. Now if we could only get a couch, so we could actually sit in this room. . .

This all started when the cable company, which has something of a monopoly in the area that we live, raised our rates. To keep our cable, we would have to pay 50 dollars more a month. For some people, that may seem reasonable. For us, it was an expense we didn't feel we actually needed. So we ditched the cable and increased our subscription to netflicks. Now we get DVD's of shows we want to see. We enjoy watching comedians, old television shows, movies, cartoons, anime, documentaries. We occasionally watch the daily show a day late online, but not often.

Not having the tv hooked up mostly means that when we view programs, it's intentional. We pick and choose what we want to see, and we're spared commercials. I've found that without a tv hooked up for me to channel surf on, I get more done with my artwork. The only downsides, and these are minor, is that we see everything late. We have to wait till something hits DVD and sometimes there is content that never hits DVD so (at least on the books) we miss it entirely. Since I never see commercials on television, there are occasional moments where someone will mention a funny or clever commercial and I will have no idea what they are talking about and I have to admit that I don't have a tv hooked up, which sometimes gets me a look from my peers. The "look" can be divided into two categories the "you are very weird" variety and "you are a snob" variety. I am weird, but when people look at me like I'm a snob I want to shout "I still watch shows! Just on DVD instead of TV! I don't think I'm better than you!"

The shot above is inspired by "Mad Men" a television show about an ad agency in the 1960's. There is a character, Joan, on that show who I feel has my body type, something I don't often see in mainstream media. The hour-glass figure, while still popular in pornography, has fallen out of favor in hollywood for a more streamlined body. Viewing Joan gives me a lift of self esteem that the little waist and wide hips and bust might still have it's admirers. Or at least, I may be able to play it off as retro.

I highly recommend Mad Men for lovers of drama and for those with an interest in American cultural history. It's a drama which seems to emphasize how the lack of diversity can seem comfortable for a select few, but in the end, can hurt us all.

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