August 26th, 2008


DragonCon Party 2008: Books and Blackwell

“You know,” said Alex “If you Google “DragonCon Party 2008” your name is in the first entry that comes up?”

“Ah, yes.” I said “That would be the book launch.”

Promising to be one of the biggest social events of DragonCon, The Double Trouble Book Launch Party: Books and Blackwell, is taking place on Saturday, after the Parsec’s. There will be books and art for sale, but also good people, including two brilliant authors and hopefully, a celebratory crowd from the Parsec’s.

I’m thinking about auctioning off the shirt, gloves, bat and ball I used in the photos and giving the proceeds to the Joe Murphy Fund. ( I know that I won’t have any use for them in the future, and maybe a fan of Tee’s wonderful book might enjoy having them.

If you are going to be at DragonCon, please stop by!

Double Trouble: Books and Blackwell

More info can be found here: