August 25th, 2008


Playing for Keeps - Mur Lafferty Book Launch

Today, Mur Lafferty's book "Playing for Keeps" is for sale on Amazon!

Mur has already made waves with her fiction, and today the bells of the internet are ringing for her. At the time of writing this, she is 30# in books, and #1 in Science Fiction and #1 In Action Adventure. She's worked hard to get here, writing a brilliant book, promoting her work and giving so much to her fans and friends for free. She's a rising star.

You can purchase the book here:

I know that I'll be buying my copy today. You can buy "Playing for Keeps" and Tee's book (which I did the cover for) "The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant" together for 27.02. I like that they are paired together on the Amazon site. Gives me a warm feeling. We're in this together.