August 8th, 2008


Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Today is Double Trouble, the release of Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris's latest novels from publisher Dragon Moon Press. Thank you to Tee and Dragon Moon Press for giving my the opportunity to create a cover for Tee's wonderful book!

Tee's new book, The Case of the Pitchers Pendant, can be purchased here:

I also created the new cover for Tee's first book in the Billibub Baddings series: The Case of the Singing Sword. Thank you to Holly for modeling and to Tee for allowing me to indulge my love of Noir!

The Case of the Singing Sword

As I write this, Pitchers Pendant is #48 on Amazon in Books. That means that my face is sitting above and around some pretty amazing books, not to mention the book it's on. It's equally a slice of the fantastic and surreal.

You know, if you told me last year I'd see my face there, I wouldn't have beleived you. But there it is, sitting between Shriver and A Thousand Splended Suns.

Just. . .wow.

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