August 6th, 2008



When Mur Lafferty was editing the first podiobook anthology, "Voices: New Media Fiction" I was excited to be a part of something that had never been done before.

Now, years later, all of my new media publishing ways are coming back, because all of these "firsts" means that I have no idea how to cite my work for my own CV. Should I use the "anthology" citation or the "web" citation? It's not print, so the anthology citation doesn't seem to work. Then again, it's not a website exactly, but a series of downloads including Hugo award winning authors edited by a pro and released by an online publisher.

How do I cite the fact that I took the photo for the cover of a book that was released online, became immensely popular, and then purchased by Swarm Press, but no longer has my cover?

How do I site a day long- live webathon where my commissioned story was read in streaming video? Is that just a website? Really?

How do I site the online fiction contest where I won a Darth Vader Doll? Anyone?

All this new media, trailblazing, never before done stuff has only one downside: How do I cite myself?

MLA doesn't know the trouble I've been.
MLA doesn't know my sorrow.