August 4th, 2008


Day 262 and Day 263

Day 263: Unspoken
Photo: Available

My story, Carl, the Cubical King, is live today on 365Tomorrows:

It took me four years to write that story.

When I write for 365 Tomorrows, I write everywhere. After yoga, walking home, I scribble out a note to myself: "Escape Pod, Mother, Rose Petals". I write ideas on the back of a recept, in an e-mail to myself, in my calendar. July 9th - Girls in Pods that grow up together. July 10th - Time travelers need injections for infectious past.

I take all of these scraps and I put them in a draft file which I open up and play with now and then. Right now, there are about ten of these kinds of scraps in the draft file - there are things as simple as a line of dialoue, or a world outline, or just a few ideas a like Robot Dolphins or Tea on Mars.

Carl, the Cubiacal King, was supposed to be written during year one of the 365 Tomorrows project. I had started the story, hated it, put it aside, started from a different point of view, hated it, put it aside over and over for years. I'm sure I deleted over five thousand words of that story. Now it's live. I hope it was worth the wait.

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