July 30th, 2008


Day 258: Cat Burgler

Day 258: Cat Burgler
Photo: Available

Costuming on this shoot was put together by Jared Axelrod. I think that any who know him can see his influence here is obvious.

The majority of my self portraits are not autobiographical. At least, not directly. There are lots of amazing artists who use their self portraits to, in part, explore their emotional state and their experiences. Frieda Khalo did this, as did Van Gogh.

I use my portraits to explore fictions, to create characters and stories. In my 365days project, even though the photographs are of me, the purpose isn’t self examination; it’s to create multiple characters out of one person. That’s why I bought a beard and a fat-suit, why I change my hair, why I wear a lot of makeup and masks in my photos.

Often when people meet me they tell me that I don’t look like my portraits. When I hear this, I know I’ve been successful.

My 365 Tomorrows story, Glad, went live today: http://www.365tomorrows.com/07/30/glad/