July 15th, 2008


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Day 243: What I Want You To See
Day 243: What I Want You To See
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Yesterday, my story, "Honest People" went live on 365tomorrows: http://www.365tomorrows.com/07/14/honest-people/

This story was born at Balticon this May. Jared and I were guests at Balticon this year, and we brought Jennifer Rodgers and Russell Collins with us. We were sharing a hotel room with them during the convention, and we had one of those late night, lights off talks that are induced by days that are packed with activies, caffeine and maybe a martini. These kind of talks can produce a lot of ideas you think are genius at the time, like holding a slice of bread on either side of a building and declaring it a sandwich, but that later turn out to be more than a little mad.

During one of these talks, the idea was proposed that it would be hilarious if two couples, such as ourselves, were to hook up and then be caught by our parents and shamed into a committed poly relationship. The idea of being forced into a alternative relationship seems to me to be pretty wacky, but honestly, just the same amount of wacky of being forced into a more traditional, mainstream arrangement.

The line:

“I’m saying that you aught to make an honest woman and man and woman out of these people!”

came out of that conversation in the dark that night, and it bounced around in my head till it rolled out onto the page.

I think the idea of a world where getting married to another couple is not only accepted, but considered the honorable choice is an idea with some traction.

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