July 14th, 2008


Day 240: Shadow Mask

Day 240: Shadow Mask
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This last Sunday, Matthew Wayne Selznick launched the sale of his book "Brave Men Run" with a media extravaganza. He read stories from well known podcasting authors and they all watched as his book climbed the charts on amazon, peaking at number 53.

Matthew Wayne Selznick sold a lot of books yesterday. He did it with hard work, friendship, community, hard work, using technology to make connections, hard work, good marketing, excellent writing and oh, did I mention the hard work? He worked so hard to get here. He deserves every inch of success. Not to mention that he sort of carried me along with him. His cover, designed by Jared Axelrod, carries two of my photos on it.

Brave Men Run

Thinking of that cover, going into thousands of homes all over the world - that brings a smile to my face.

And today's Matt's birthday. Happy Birthday, Matthew Wayne Selznick.

Matt's website is here: http://www.mattselznick.com/