July 7th, 2008


Pirate Post

Sorry, people -- this isn't J.R. Blackwell writing this post. I don't have a favorite parking garage, photogenic friends, a big red piece of cloth... and I didn't bring my camera. Don't worry, J.R. will be back. I'll make this interruption worth your while.

So what am I doing here, and who am I, anyway?

Let's hit those in reverse order.

My name is Matthew Wayne Selznick, and I've taken over J.R.'s blog for precisely one blog post. I'm the author of "Brave Men
Run -- A Novel of the Sovereign Era."

Some of you may be familiar with the book -- it was a 2006 Parsec Award nominee and is one of the top ten most popular
books of all time at Podiobooks.com... and
it's been picked up for publication!

On Sunday, July 13, 2008, "Brave Men Run" will be released in a brand new paperback edition from Swarm Press. In fact, the cover art features design by Jared Axelrod and photographic elements by Ms. Blackwell herself!

On Sunday, July 13, I'm asking everyone interested in owning a paperback copy of "Brave Men Run" to please purchase it from
Amazon.com on that day. The more folks who make their purchase(s) on that day, the higher "Brave Men Run" will
rank on Amazon.com's bestseller charts. I'm shooting for the moon, here, folks, and I'll take Mars if I can get it. A
high ranking on Amazon.com's bestseller chart means a ton of positive attention for "Brave Men Run," for Swarm Press, and
on the power of the audience (that's you) to influence the market.

On that day, I'll be with you from 10 AM - 6 PM Eastern Time via live streaming video, every hour on the
hour. I'll give you updates on the sales success of "Brave Men Run," chat with you in the embedded chat room... and
present some brand new, very special, Sovereign Era content.

What does that have to do with the prolific and talented J.R. Blackwell? Well, see, that's what I'm here to talk about! I convinced her to put down that camera just long enough to take part in a very special project.

You see, that "special content" is seven brand new short stories set in the first year of the Sovereign Era
universe -- the setting of "Brave Men Run," where people with remarkable abilities reveal themselves and change the course
of human destiny.

Some of the hottest names in podcast fiction have contributed stories:

J.C. Hutchins (The "7th Son" trilogy)
Mur Lafferty ("Playing For Keeps")
Nathan Lowell (The "Golden Age of the Solar Clipper" novels)
Matt Wallace ("The Next Fix")
P.G. Holyfield ("Murder at Avedon Hill")
Jared Axelrod (The Voice of Free Planet X)


J.R. Blackwell, she of the camera and the words and voices and stuff.

I'll be reading these stories, one per hour, live and on the air, for the first time anywhere on July 13, 2008. It's my
way of giving a little something back to everyone who commits to buying a copy (copies?) of "Brave Men Run" on that day.
You're going to make a commitment; I want to be there with you.

I'm very, very pleased that J.R. agreed to participate, and I can't wait to share her story with all of you. Visit http://www.bravemenrun.com or http://www.mattselznick.com to learn more... and I'll see you on July 13, 2008 at 10 AM Eastern / 7 AM Pacific Time!

Breathe easy... if you look through the trees, just past the broken concrete, you'll catch a glimpse of steel and satin. J.R. will be back, very soon.