June 17th, 2008


Day 213: Lady of Fire and Day 212: Untitled

Day 213: Lady of Fire
Day 213: Lady of Fire
Photo: SOLD!
Thanks Paul!

Day 213 was sold last week, before it even hit my blog, for 213$.

When I started this project, I really didn't know the kind of response I would get. I suspected that the photos in the under 10$ would get scooped up by friends due to the price and friendship and other nice things. I didn't suspect that my photos would keep selling steadily up into the 50$ range. I didn't expect that people I never met would buy my photos over and over again. I didn't expect to see a photo go for 86$. Then, last month, at Balticon, I sold two framed photos for 100$ each.

Then, just a few days ago, Day 213 goes. Now, admittedly, my 365 Days project is special. I'm only selling one copy of each print, so anyone that buys is getting the only one, ever. But still, I'm honored that someone feels that my photo is worth that much.

Some people have said that it might be a good idea for me to reduce my prices, to put on a sale of my 365days photos. But if I put my photos from the project on sale for 30$ a pop, I would be doing a disservice to everyone who bought one for a lot more than that, people who believe enough in what I do, who enjoy and respect me enough to put money towards something they like, that they fell is worth the amount I placed on it. I will never reduce the prices in my 365days project. They will remain at what they're at for as long as I live.

Besides, I still have photos that are available in a good price range. The cheapest photo available is 21$, but my favorite cheapest photo is 25$, and is my interpretation of Titus. It's a bit violent for most tastes though, so I don't think it's to a broad taste. My favorite unpurchased photo under 100 dollars (my buyers always seem to snatch up my favorites) is Day 78: Nude. Maybe it's just because of what I was thinking that day, or the simplicity that just seemed to work there, but I really like that photo.

My favorite so far changes from day to day. I like to look at all of them, really, because I can see, in all the things I've learned, in all the little failures and successes, I can see exactly myself grow. Even in the mistakes, especially in the mistakes. One great photo isn't possible without a crappy one. Day 47, which I love, wouldn't have happened unless I did day 46, which isn't so good.

A 365Days project, any daily project really, seems to be about training your mind and body to work when you want it to work. It seems to be about training yourself to be inspired, to create when you are tired and hungry, when you are distracted, when you are sad, when you are stressed. At first, the work you do when your stressed and upset and uninspired isn't very good. Then, over time, you learn to work when you are sick. You train yourself to do good things even when you don't feel like it, even when you'd rather be in bed. You train yourself to be quicker. You learn how to do a decent job in a dash. You learn tricks and techniques and then you are in the drivers seat. You can bring inspiration on command. You can deal with setbacks and pitfalls. You start to see compositions, or possible compositions, wherever you go. You start to see possibilities.

With my photos selling, with the ever increasing comments on my flickr page, with authors and publishers asking for book covers, I'm starting to see ever more possibilities. I don't know whats coming next, but I can tell you, the view looks good from here.

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