June 12th, 2008


"Low Self Esteem" by Katie West

In May, Katie West asked me to write an introduction for her book "Low Self Esteem". Of course, I was honored and excited that she thought of me. Katie and I are very different in our approach to self portraits, but I feel that we share a lot of the same artistic values. I was pleased that I got a chance to write about her, as she has always inspired me.

The first thing I wrote about her, year ago, when I found her through Warren Ellis, was this:

""Avolare is a thousand stories. She is a billion points of light. She is laughing at you. She is sympathetic. She doesn't know you at all. Avolare is a template, Avolare is the shadow, Avolare belongs to herself, Avolare is what you are looking for. She is a master of disguise. She is hiding nothing."

About a month ago, I started my introduction with this paragraph:

"To say Katie West is beautiful is to miss the point. Katie West is a revolution. As a self-portrait artist, Katie finds inspiration in introspection and exploration of the self. Her art is revolutionary in that she does not separate her sexual identity, or her body, from her
emotional identity."

I am as much in love with her work as I was when I first saw her photographs on Warren's blog. Katie West's new book has some never before seen stuff and from seeing the inside I can tell you that her photos look amazing in print.

Yesterday, her book is released. I urge you to check out her work and to consider buying her wonderful book. She's an artist with extraordinary vision, one that deserves support.

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