June 11th, 2008


Jack Scoresby

Sunset Over The City

Last weekend Jack Scoresby and Katie West came over my house for the weekend. The days were busy, wonderful, exhausting and fun. Jack is taking off to Japan soon, and Katie is back in Canada. I already miss them.

Jack is quite a character. He has a dark sense of humor, a sharp intelligence, and a worldview that is often sharply different from mine. We share a love of storytelling in our photos. He's said that his photos are lies - but I see them as stories, with characters and a narrative flow and a sense of drama. Some of them look like movie stills and others are complete stories in themselves. Being that I have a love of flash fiction, I see many of them as flashes - moments in a story that tell you everything. His photos can be epic, or just moments of a story. His work on the 365 Days project is what inspired me to do my own.

Jack has long inspired me. I admire his tenacity and the way he continually pushes himself forward. He's not a man who rests on his achievements. He is constantly in motion, pushing towards perfection, unsatisfied, hungry, brilliant.

It was a pleasure to see him again.

You can view Jacks' photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jackscoresby/

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