May 28th, 2008


Tee Morris

I'll Die When I'm Done
Tee Morris: Taken at Balticon 42

People often tell me that when I take pictures, the people in the pictures look very different than they do in "real life". While this isn't true for all of my photos, it is true for a lot of them. I like transformation. I like showing the many different sides that one person has. We have a tendancy to see individuals in one light - to steryotype their behavior. One person is snobby, another person, mean, another nice. While this may be the side we see often, it doesn't mean that it's the only side to a person. I like to take a person and flip them, show what isn't often seen.

Tee is very friendly, very compassionate and helpful. He's known among his friends for his good nature. He's a teacher, father and writer. He's published several books including Legacy of Morevi, The Fantasy Writer's Companion: The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Vol 2 and Podcasting For Dummies.

Before this picture we started talking about Hamlet, and I think that may have been on his mind when we took this picture. Here he reminds me of Claudius, the King who killed his brother. It's was a bright day, but he looks like he could have killed someone. There is a smile tugging at his lips, but it's not a friendly one. The sweetness has fallen away here, and there's something else emerging. Something that isn't often seen.

I love it.

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