May 22nd, 2008


Day 189: Ronin Photographer and Day 188: Strawberry Girl

Day 189: Ronin Photographer
Day 189: Ronin Photographer
Photo: Available

She travels, her tripod strapped to her back, across the wastelands. She is seeking an oasis, great visas, and models who practice stillness.
(The Dunes of the Outer Banks in North Carolina)

I'm going to be at Balticon this weekend. Here is my schedule if you'd like to come see me!

Friday 11 pm Garden Room Sexy Women In Sci Fi - What's The Point?

Saturday 1 pm Belmont Live! Takeover - An Audio Drama

Saturday 4 pm Salon E Short-Short Slam

Saturday 6 pm Chesapeake Live! Aliens You Will Meet

Sunday 2 pm Chesapeake Don't be that guy: advice from the women of new media

Sunday 3 pm Belmont Podcasting 102 How do I make my own? - Moderator (To accomodate attendees moving from one event to another, we are asking that panels be kept to 50 minutes - timers will be supplied)

Sunday 4pm Chesapeake Live!. Lancelot Biggs Pod Play

I'm also going to be doing several portraits and a podcasters group shot. It's going to be a busy weekend. Balticon is my favorite con of the year. It's a con full of community, full of friends.

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