May 5th, 2008


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Day 170: Swirl
Day 170: Swirl
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Noir knelt down next to Estivans pale, still body, and ran her fingers
through the puddle of his warm blood. She curled her callused fingers
into a fist and let his blood drip through her fingers. The Trillth
watched her, it's eye capsules twitching.

The Trillth had no written or spoken language, but it was sentient,
and Noir wanted to make it understand, it had to understand, before
she killed it. She squeezed her fist hard, her nails slicing open her
own flesh, mixing her blood with Estivans. The Trillth licked its
silver teeth. Estivans blood, mixed with hers, dripped off her fist
onto the floor.

"Understand?" said Noir. "This was my mate. You killed my mate, you
pre-lingual piece of flesh, and now I will return you to the dust
from where you came." She splattered the blood on it's scales, and it
roared. Apparently it did understand.

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