April 22nd, 2008


Day 158: crave and Day 157: The Trouble with Bottoms

Day 158: crave
Day 158: crave
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When I was a child, I used to believe that you could summon people into your dreams, that by some kind of psychic-will you could call people to your mind and play with them a bit on your dream scape. Which to me, explained why I had dreams with actors and actresses where they asked me where they were, who I was and what they were doing in the weird places where I took them.

Last night, I feel like I stumbled into someone else's anxiety dream, because I felt fine about everything that happened, but the person I was with seemed nervous and on edge. In the dream I was in unfamilar places with a man I've never met. In this dream this person accidentally kissed a girl with pink hair in a ratty apartment. My t-shirt was slightly lifted under his fingers, my lips, warm and wet on his. Then his eight year old daughter walked in wearing a oversized t-shirt, her eyes widing as she saw us together. I didn't feel particularly anxious about it, but he rushed from the room, chasing his young daughter into a gray mist.

If we are to believe my childhood theories, it could have been my dream, his, or his daughters. I wasn't anxious in the dream, but he and his poor daughter, they looked like they both might cry.

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