April 2nd, 2008


Day 141: Treachery and IT'S ALIVE

Day 141: Treachery
Photo: Available

At last, my website is live! www.jrblackwell.com

After, really, YEARS of dicking around, my website is finally up. I like it. It's clean, it's easy to understand and it's simple for me to update. I won't be leaving livejournal, but it's likely that very soon my journal entries will be shipped to livejournal via my website. I'll still check and respond to comments, addict that I am, but the website will be the source.

I'm so excited to be able to send people somewhere that isn't a livejournal or a flickr page. I'm going to be updating all the time. I can't stop fiddling with it. Go check it out. Tell me what you think: www.jrblackwell.com

My mother just called - apparently Obama is at Strath Haven High School (my high school!) today at noon. It's completely sold out, of course, but damn if I wouldn't have called out of work to rally with my mother. (aka the coolest lady I know)