March 17th, 2008


My Surrealist Weekend


Take Back Gotham City

On Saturday Jared and I went out to South Street where we saw the Harvey Dent campaign van, a promotional tool for the upcoming Batman movie. Jared and I are always up for events where fiction brushes reality, so we slapped on our fedora’s and got out there.

Jared put up an excellent podcast with an account of the event, from several different points of view, here: Dent In Reality

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The weekend had a sweet ending with this wonderful gelato, one half burnt sugar and one half nutty Irishman. Delicious.


This last photo is, I think, my best food photo yet. I took it and I immediately thought - this looks like a Kyle Cassidy photo! That's how awesome I think this photo is. Or maybe I'm just being influenced by yet another awesome photographer. I hope that's the case!
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