March 4th, 2008


Day 106: Your Corner and Day 107: The Long Lines

Day 107: The Long Lines
Day 107: The Long Lines
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There is really only one rule.

You cannot touch the dead.

Of course, you can touch dead bodies, plenty of people have touched dead bodies and no harm has come to them. I mean, we eat dead things and we’re okay for it. What I’m talking about is dead people. You can’t touch the person. You can touch the body they lived in, the clothes they wore, the things they owned – after they are gone, all that belongs to the world and they can divide it however they please.

But people, it is against the rules to touch them, once they are gone. You can talk to them, look at pictures, even see them in dreams. Only trouble is, the one thing you want to do is hold them, have them hold you back, tight and close.

This is an opening to a story I’m working on. It needs tinkering and tailoring, but it’s written, it’s out on the page and now I just have to make it better.

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