February 29th, 2008


Day 103: Pressure Point -Clinical Trial Two

Day 103: Pressure Point

Photo: Available

The professional from my previous clinical trial returned, this time with a cheerful volunteer. I was able to witness, firsthand, a western vampire drinking blood from the neck.

Although many people assume that the external jugular vein (v. jugularis externa) is the vein to which all vampires aim, this is not necessarily true. The external carotid, found deeper within the throat, is the common aim of vampires intending to kill or maim their victims.

For everyone tuning in late to how the body actually works: Veins carry oxygen poor blood, and arteries carry oxygen rich blood. Though the vampires I have interviewed have confessed to me that while the nutritional value is the same, some have confessed a taste preference for the richer blood found deeper within the body.

The feeding, in this instance, was brief, and the volunteer expressed that she had felt no discomfort, and even a sense of euphoria during the feeding.