February 13th, 2008


On The Edge of The New

Day 92: The Revolution of Fun
Day 92: The Revolution of Fun
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Below the cut is the speech I gave to the Yachting Club during the opening ceremonies of What The Hell Con this year. They had invited me back and flew me in to speak to the club and give a couple panels. It was a huge honor for me. The club has grown a lot, but they still have a lot of the traditions that I instituted. I am so proud of everything they have accomplished.

In the speech, I talk about the name of the Yachting Club, why it was a good idea when it was founded and why it remains a good idea. I felt tremendusly honored this weekend - people I didn't even know shook my hand and thanked me for the club. One girl stood up in a meeting and said the Yachting Club was why she decided to attend Guilford. Ater this weekend, and the science fiction writing workshop Jared and I gave together, one of the people we met decided to write more and to share what they've written with others - that was a great feeling. I got to see so many friends and so many inspirational people. It makes me want to move back down south.

All around, an excellent weekend.

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