February 12th, 2008




I had a lovely shoot with Nuri this weekend. Nuri is a fantastic artist and an all around beautiful person. She has so much energy that it really comes as no surprise that she produces a website, podcast and a webcomic. She was totally willing to stand outside in the cold in a thin dress to get the perfect shot. It was a pleasure to shoot with her. What a talent!

Website: http://www.candycornstudios.com/
Podcast: http://www.candycornstudios.com/ArtistAlley/

I only have one complaint about this weekend - and that was that there was too much awesome to take it all in - too many neat things to see, too many great people to spend time with - and not enough time for it all. All this weekend I was choosing between good and awesome. Which I guess really isn't a complaint at all.

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