February 1st, 2008


Manning Krull

This is Manning Krull, website designer and bohemian.


He lives in Paris in a little pink room and is in a band. He is unbelievably cool. I remember seeing him talk to my friend Jenn and thinking what an unbelievably cool guy he was just based totally superficially on his fucking awesome coat and his amazing hair. So, I have a friend crush on him. There should be a name for a kind of crushing where you don't want to screw someone but you just think they are fantastic. There must be a name for it. If you know the word for making a new friend and thinking they are amazing awesome, let me know. Or maybe that's just what friend means - thinking someone is wonderful and wanting to spend time with them.

Jennifer Rodgers, who is constantly introducing me to the coolest people I've ever met in my life, introduced us and mentioned that Manning might like a shoot. It turned out, he very much liked the idea of a shoot and I very much liked the idea of shooting him. So a shoot was arranged, and the results are below.

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I love putting boys in corsets. I wish Manning Krull lived next door instead of in Paris. Except that he's invited Jared and I to come visit him in Paris which is so beyond cool that I could pop. One day Jared and I are going to show up at his house with bags. Alright, we may e-mail first. Or call. Or use some other method of communication. But yes. Paris is now certainly in our future.

Manning offered to help me out with my website, which is thrilling because although I am computer savvy, I am not so computer savvy as to be able to build my own website from scratch. I would, in the nerd parlance, need to go up two levels to get there. I can take care of a website, but not build one myself, alas. Manning is some kind of website genius. He's built a lot of very cool, stylish, clean and functional websites. I keep looking over his stuff and being impressed.

So I wanted to know from you - what elements do you like about websites and what don't you like? Do you like patterned backgrounds or plain backgrounds. Do you like an intro page? Blog on front page or link to blog off of front page? What is your favorite website to visit? What website do you think is clean and easy to understand? What do you think is a website faux pas? What colors should be avoided? Thoughts? Ideas?
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