January 20th, 2008


Day Seventy: Transformation

Day Seventy: Transformation

As a singer, I have trained to expand my body, to make room for air to fill my lungs. A singer is inflatable, must expand in order to have the power to make those tiny chords in the throat vibrate to carry a beautiful sound. I've trained for a long time to be able to do what I do with my body. I've sung professionally. I am proud of my ability to expand my body to let in the breath.

As someone who practices yoga, I've learned to have the muscle control to draw my stomach in towards my spine, to lift my ribcage, to connect my muscles into my body. I am proud of this ability too.

One of the themes of my work is transformation. I believe there many ways to see a person, many ways a person can express all aspects of their personality. Here, you see me expanded and contracted, expanding to let the world in, contracting for control. These are both me. I am these things and more.

I've been called fat. Others have said I am too thin. Your perception of my body tells me as much about you as it does about me. Perhaps more. Each photo I take is a story. This is a story of hard work, of practice and control. I am not exposing myself to you. I am showing you the pieces I want you to see, how I want you to see it. How you perceive it becomes your business, not mine.

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