December 12th, 2007


Day Thirty-One: Pride


For Hunters, it's all about Pride. The choice to face Monsters stronger and faster and very often, smarter than you, isn't bravery, it's Pride. It's a stubborn, awful Pride. If it doesn't get you killed the first time, it will the second, or the third. The Pride will kill you, just as much as the Monster.

This shoot was inspired by my desire not to leave bed this morning, Jenn telling me to work on my backgounds, a half-remembered quote from a Terry Prachett book and the wounded-girl loli fashion statement.

Print: SOLD! (Thanks Matt!)

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Sideshow, Boobs, Hot Women, Music and Me!


This Friday, December 14th, I am performing with the Hellcat Girls at the TROC. If you are int he Philadelphia area, come out and see me! I'm a new Hellcat Girl, which means they are all calling me a Kitten right now. I like being a kitten! It makes me feel cute.

I'll be doing my contortion thing as The Plastic Elastic Kitty. I even have a new move! I call it the upside-down doughnut.

Come and see me. Seriously, what else will you be doing on this Friday night.

Okay, now I just really want to know what everyone will be doing this Friday. Tell me. Even if it's not seeing me onstage at the Troc, I wanna know.