November 21st, 2007


Twice Dead

Book Slut

Twice Dead, the new novel by Filamena Young, is chocolate. It’s chocolate in bright, attractive pulp packaging with a sweet and silky center. It’s the kind of chocolate people refer to as “naughty” or use the word “devil” in describing. It’s a noir detective story, with a detective who could have stepped out of Chinatown, sexy dames both naughty and nice, a mystery and action that keeps the pages turning. It’s fun. It’s delicious.

For the times when you’re fed up with eating literary tofu and cabbage, you have a novel like Twice Dead waiting for you. Sweet escape, a decadent and fun romp through a literary trope.

It’s written by Filamena Young, who, if you’re not fortunate enough to know personally, may be familiar from the fun we’ve had when she’s modeled for me.


Hot, yes I know. She's as clever as she is beautiful.

You can buy Filamena’s novel at her website:

She’s published via Lulu, which is brilliant. Lulu is full of good people and the books they print are high quality.