November 15th, 2007




To the Dar, Seed is immortal.

Seed knows he is not immortal, it’s just that the nature of his cellular structure, the length or certain mitochondrial chords that determine his long lifespan. Longer than the Dar, longer than the normal human life.

Seed is not normal. Seed has been Altered. The chemical treatments, the virus that mutated his body, the tiny machines he swallowed that sunk into his cells and changed him were painful, but not half so painful as the long and terrible travel to The Dar. Even sleeping most of the journey, Seed felt the passage of time like an ache in his muscles, the endless silence, the dark sleep without dreams.

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I'm happy with this story. It has a bunch of influences, from Octavia Butler to Dr. Who, but there is something else there that's just me, and I like that.

Also, another Zoe Strauss influenced photo up there. That woman rocks so hard.

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Okay, off to do 365 Days, and then off to a job interview. (I don't know if I want it, I'm having lots of fun doing this right now.)

Day Four: The Child's Prayer

Day Four: The Child's Prayer

Prayer for the Devil Child

May I serve the Master in all of His desires,
and my life serve as an extension of His will.

May my nightmares serve as portals to His terrible creatures,
and make a bridge, between His world and ours.

When I am through with this life,
When my purpose for Him is done.

May the dark Angels of the Rebellion feast on my blood
May He take sustenance on my wasted flesh.
May my Soul be consumed for His purpose.

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