October 29th, 2007


The Risk

Monsters I Love

While playing it safe has it’s obvious advantages, taking risks seems to be the method for accomplishing great things. Of course, the risk should be calculated, should come along with experience, talent and knowledge, but it seems to me that taking risks is the path to achievement.

I’m quitting my safe, steady, toxic pink collar employment with the glass ceiling and I’m going to go freelance, at least, for a little while. It came to me that I unlike many other careers, I can always re-enter the work-force right where I left it, at the bottom of the college-educated entry level jobs.

Creative people often encourage newbie’s not to leave their day-jobs, but for me, there really isn’t a loss in doing so. I leave a day job that I can find a comprobable position to by stepping into a temp agency and flashing my 3.8 GPA. My career, such as it is, does not exist in the 9-5 working world. I am ignoring my true career in the arts by staying here.

Whatever energy I put into my creative work pays off. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s recognition, but whatever I do seems to move me forward. This is wonderful, considering I haven’t actually been able to put too much energy towards my creative career recently. I think it’s time I give the things I love a chance.

I’ve already turned in my resignation letter. I’ve stayed on till the 9th of November so that I can get my flu shot on the cheap, but after that, I’m cut loose. I’ve attached myself to a temp agency as a backup, but I get my paid vacation days when I quit, and I’m in a farm share so food will be covered for the next six months, so I should be fine for a while. Food, some cash, low rent, youth, energy, education, motivation. Now is the time to take a risk. I can always return to where I am now, but I cannot forgive myself if I don’t try.

I am ready. I am ready.