October 5th, 2007


Seven of Six

Seven of Six

This was cut from the six I finally sent out. I got one rejection so far where the editor called the piece "Sharp and surprisingly poignant" which made me just as happy as if it had been accepted. So off it goes to another publication.

Here's the bit the publications aren't getting:

7. Integral Wingates Helsing, that iron lady, that ice knight of England dies at the Round Table, betrayed, her hands on her swords. The old men are afraid of her, a woman with a monster. They pull out their pistols, weapons from wars long past and Integral stands for the impromptu firing squad. Her monster, miles away, senses she is in danger. He rushes to her side. Bullets are far faster than wind, and into her heart and lung and bone those shards of metal fly. Her monster, moments to late, devours the room. He tries to bring her back, fresh old man blood in his old man veins, but it is too late, she is mangled and too far gone. Integral dies a virgin. Integral is the last of her long line. Her monster, free at last, goes to war.
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