August 24th, 2007


One Thousand Words

Not Our End

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I like photos that tell stories. I like to take photos that tell stories and I like to look at photos that are stories. I like photos to imply a narrative, character, a setting, a plot. I don't always get that in all of my photos, but when I do, I feel good about what I've accomplished.

Having written thousand word stories for, ye gods, years now, I think I can say that I'm a bit of an expert for how much story fits into a thousand words. I want my photos to have more than that. I want them to imply more.

For a long time my photos seemed to be about transformation, how to show that one person could be many things. Now I feel attracted to transformation and narrative. I guess that's evolution, that's maturity, that's change there for you. Every moment, something new.

Big shoot tomorrow. I'm very excited. Also, having a yard sale. Anyone want a microwave? I have two. Three actually, if you could the one I don't want to get rid of.
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