February 8th, 2007


Hour Glass


We ate a lot. There wasn’t much else to do but eat and sleep and watch the doors. We had piled up furniture, boxes, anything heavy we could find in front of the doors. Wal-Mart had its own backup generator, maybe the only electric in the city still working, so we could watch the outside through the security cameras. For two days, the lot was empty, quiet as a graveyard.

The infected came. At first, they just shambled in one by one, and then a few at a time. After a while, more came. Bill was convinced that they could smell us, the uninfected, somehow. They were coming for us. We were in a city of the infected, millions were coming. We had to move.

Most of us didn’t want to go. The Wal-Mart had food and all of us really believed that someone would come for us, would save us. Bill was getting restless. As we delayed, the parking lot filled up with them, shambling around, scratching on the walls. When they started to knock down our barricades Bill told us he was going to leave, with or without us. Six of us decided to go with him. Charlie went because of me. He thought we should stay together. We took guns and heavy jackets, ammo, gas and canned food. Patrick had the idea of mixing the water and lye in super-soakers. Eventually that melted the plastic, but it saved us a lot of ammo. Clever Patrick.

There were hundreds in the parking lot, and in the distance, from the roof, we could see hundreds more coming. It was terrifying. Patrick cleared us a path to the Wal-mart van with his super-soaker, the acidic mix melting the rotted flesh. It was Bill though who leapt ahead, and into the van, pulling it around the parking lot as the infected closed in. we leapt on the roof of the van and pealed off. Angela fell off I and we screamed at Bill to stop and but he kept going. We watched her get pulled apart. I’d seen this kind of thing in the movies before, rehearsed screams, flailing, funny limbs, but no one in the movies had ever cried my name. I’d never heard anyone scream like that, never heard a crunch like that. As we sped away, we were all screaming. Bill told us that he couldn’t hear us in the back of the truck, but I know he was lying, he had to be.

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