February 5th, 2007


Autobiographical Comic: Coffeehouse, Coffeehouse

Comic One

I've decided to start drawing a comic about my life. Interesting things happen to me, and I'm always bugging Jared to draw them in a comic. Unfortantly, Jared has, you know, a life of his own and his own stuff to do, so he doesn't always have time to draw pictures of things that have happened to me. He does, however, have time to help me pick out pens and pencils.

This isn't going to be "for" anything. I feel like all the creative projects I do in my life are aimed at getting published, getting name recognition, getting grant money, "for" something other than myself. I want to do one project that isn't any of those things, that's just for me.

I'm thinking about doing one a week, or maybe more, depending on the things that happen to me.

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