January 18th, 2007


Katie West!

Thank You, Katie West!

I got my Katie West Prints! They came with a kiss from Katie, which I have to tell you, is icing on a moist and delicious cake. I love Katie's photography. I enjoy a lot of artists that do self portraits (I think that it's my favorate form in photography, actually, not for myself so much as for others) but I think that Katie West is the best. She is imaginative, clever and sexy. The prints are high quality and even nicer on paper than on the screen, which is saying a lot, and now I just need to figure out where in my house to hang them. I want my whole house to be like an art gallery of my friends work.

Influence is a strange and wonderful thing. A few days of looking at an artist, and I find myself absorbing the style and not just learning from, but being directly influenced by the style.

This is true with writing, but the influence becomes much less obvious after a few edits. I feel like where this is most obvious is with my photography, where I appear to be very open to anything I look at that day. Sometimes I’ll take a picture thinking that I’m following my own direction and I’ll look at it afterward and think: This is a Katie West , or a Rose and Olive , or a Jack Scoresby . I don’t know that I’m doing it until after I’ve finished and I realize that, damn, the influence is totally obvious.

Eventually, it all becomes mixed together with my own style, but for a while, I feel as if my face is painted blue, and everyone can see who I've been watching.
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