December 1st, 2006


Just A Thought. . .

I’m thinking about going to Glascow and getting a Ph.D in Creative Writing.

Yes, I am aware that I don’t need a Ph.D to write novels.

Yes, I know it would be expensive, but I got my Masters for free, so I it wouldn't be all that bad.

Also, I would live in Glasgow! I love Glasgow! Also, I would get a Ph.D. in something I love, which would be marvelous. I believe I am qualified. My writing has already been in sold bookstores and magazines and my grade point average at Penn is 3.78, so I think I’d look good on paper, maybe even good enough to get a scholarship of some kind.

Also. I love Scotland. I would hate being far from my friends and family and going into debt would suck, but the experience would be marvelous.

Just A Thought.